Цього року їх приїхало більше

Укрaїнa 29 серпня, 2010, 21:48
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Побачили помилку - контрол+ентер
Укрaїнa 29 серпня, 2010, 21:48 1020
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  • dmytro dmytro 30 серпня, 00:44 Згоден 1 Не згоден 0 Hello! I'm Ukrainian, but currently working on cruise ship of American company. On my vocation living in my lovely Odessa! I want to say only one thing about touristic business in Ukraine in compare with any other country - people are grid - yes we are - every single one!!! All our government how want to make money from everybody - from everybody how doing something!!! Average people - how trying to make million in one day and never thinking what to do later! Now even students prefer to find some temporary job and on vocation go for resort in Turkey and Serbia!!!! It is unbelievable - is somebody looking forward - or still like in USSR period - do know and more, do not think about tomorrow, your partial gonna think for you!!!!! If you want to open touristic business you should think you to use it year around - do not fuck people you bringing money to you!!!! відповісти цитувати Дякуємоспам dmitru dmitru 30 серпня, 03:03 Згоден 2 Не згоден 0 WASH PLATES,LEARN ENGLISH. цитувати Дякуємоспам
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