About us

TSN.ua is the all-Ukrainian news website operated under the brand of «TV News Service» broadcasted on 1+1 Channel. It was launched in 2007, and today we are the largest news website in Ukraine updated 24/7 with strong presence on social media and on YouTube video platform.

Our ambition is to become the largest Internet resource in Ukraine, where the readers may find any information in quick and accessible manner.

TSN.ua’s editorial team posts the news in Ukrainian, English and Russian languages. We are focused on the latest updates in political and social domains, global events, show business, sport, economy, et cetera. Dozens of journalists, operative graphics designers, video editor and translators work on author-created texts, expert opinions, feature stories, infographics, video content, et cetera, in order to provide comprehensive information to TSN.ua’s viewers and readers at high speed rate.

TSN.ua’s website has already become the largest «news hypermarket», but we are determined to step beyond and go the extra mile. Our figures may tell even better about our performance:

  • Top-1 news resource in Ukraine based on traffic ranking — over 10 million unique visitors according to Gemius;
  • Top-1 based on number of Facebook followers — 2.4 million;
  • Top-1 based on number of followers — 933 thousand;
  • Top-1 based on number of Twitter followers — 1 million;
  • Top-1 based on number of Instagram followers — 884 thousand.

TSN.ua’s YouTube channel is the largest among accounts ran by news websites. In November 2022, we had over 4.3 million followers. We post over 80 video content pieces daily with over 130 million views.

For over three years, TSN.ua website has been an undisputed leader in the Ukrainian Internet segment. In order to maintain our leadership positions, we constantly look for new formats of communication and information dissemination, and we have no intention to stop.