China will support Ukraine, but only under one condition — a former foreign minister

China will support Ukraine, but only under one condition — a former foreign minister

China sees Russia as its ideological and dependent partner / Photo: Associated Press / Photo: Associated Press

Currently, it is more advantageous for Beijing to align with Moscow rather than assist Ukraine.

As soon as Russia suffers a defeat in the war, China will immediately support our country.

This opinion was expressed by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Head of the Center for Russian Studies, Volodymyr Ohryzko, on the "Espreso" TV channel.

According to him, China does not want to lose its ideological and dependent partner, which it sees in the Russian Federation.

"Put yourself in China's shoes. Why would I, as a Chinese, lose Russia when together we can jointly oppose the hated West? Moreover, I can influence this Russia. Therefore, I will not do anything to make this partner disappear somewhere. On the contrary, I will quietly and calmly help it wherever necessary, to keep it going, so we can stay together," Ohryzko explained.

However, according to him, as soon as Russia is defeated, China will be forced to adapt to the events and immediately change its attitude towards our country.

"Believe me, as soon as Russia falls, China will greatly favor Ukraine and say: what happened before was a mistake, some guy named Wang Yi will be removed or publicly executed in a stadium, and so on. They will make a scapegoat out of him, and say it was not an official position, just some distortions on the Ukrainian issue," the former foreign minister suggested.

Volodymyr Ohryzko says that for now, it is more beneficial for Beijing to stay with Moscow, and for the attitude to change, Ukraine needs to defeat this "bloody pesudo-empire."

"After this, the situation in the world will be completely different, and China will not be able to play on the side of evil. It will seek ways to negotiate with the same West because, ultimately, it is more important for them," he concluded.

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