Cooperation between Russia and the DPRK: can the West stop it?

Cooperation between Russia and the DPRK: can the West stop it?

Volodymyr Putin and Kim Jong Un / Photo: Associated Press

North Korea continues to increase its military cooperation with Russia, as evidenced by Putin's upcoming visit to Pyongyang on June 18 and 19.

The United States has expressed concern over the deepening relationship between Russia and North Korea. 

Oleksandr Musienko, Head of the Center for Military and Legal Studies, told how the United States could prevent Putin and Kim Jong Un from getting closer.

He said this in a comment to 24Kanal.

According to him, it is difficult for Washington to prevent the increasingly close cooperation between Pyongyang and Moscow. In the past, the US failed to prevent North Korea from acquiring nuclear weapons.

"And now we expect them to prevent this rapprochement. In reality, the US does not have many tools. Sanctions and pressure have not worked and will not work. Conducting a military operation is not possible, at least for now," he explained.

One possible solution, according to Musienko, is to seek an understanding with China to exert pressure on North Korea. It is also possible to find ways to reach an agreement with North Korea, particularly regarding the lifting of sanctions against Pyongyang.

"In this matter, the West needs to be flexible. Western countries, and even Ukraine, can make proposals, not necessarily public ones, to halt the imposition of new sanctions against North Korea and to lift existing ones," he noted.

In exchange, Pyongyang would not supply munitions to Russia. One of Kim Jong Un's motivations and arguments is that his country is in poor economic condition, lacks opportunities to sell its products, and is losing international markets.

"Its only way out is to sell weapons to Russia, receiving in return money, food, agricultural products, and technologies, particularly for satellites. To push Russia out of North Korea, better conditions need to be offered to the North Koreans," Oleksandr Musienko believes.

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