Is a new offensive on Kyiv possible soon: an expert outlines scenarios

Is a new offensive on Kyiv possible soon: an expert outlines scenarios

In Belarus, there are suspicions that their railway workers are preparing to receive trains with the Russian army and equipment. collage.

Signs of new military equipment deployment by the Russians was noticed in Belarus.

After information began circulating on social media about Belarus possibly preparing to receive Russian military trains with ammunition and personnel, these reports sparked some public concern. According to monitoring Telegram channels, such preparations could indicate several intentions, such as conducting military exercises, continuing to train mobilized Russians on Belarusian territory, or preparing for a ground operation on the northern border with Ukraine. As of now, there is no official confirmation of any of these hypotheses.

Military-political analyst of the "Information Resistance" group, Oleksandr Kovalenko, commented on the situation specifically for

According to him, it is not excluded that such maneuvers near the northern border of Ukraine could be an imitation of an advance on Kyiv.

"It is quite possible that preparation for the movement of Russian troops to Belarus is underway", - Oleksandr Kovalenko says. - Conclusions can be drawn when it is known what contingent will be moved. The process has not started, and we do not even see which troops are being sent there. It will be possible to talk about their purpose after the quantity, composition and types become known".

He also adds: "Let's not forget that during this period they had a lot of exercises. After the Russians withdrew their strike group from Belarus in 2022, they had several exercises".

According to Kovalenko, when a contingent appears in Belarus, it will be possible to conclude whether it is a strike group or a formation of raid-type units to start something similar to what is happening in Kharkiv region.

Can they intimidate by simulating an attack on Kyiv?

Kovalenko answered this question as follows: "It is quite possible. For example, in Kharkiv region, a simulation of an attack on Kharkiv is currently taking place. Now we see what it looks like. In the first hours, in the first days, there was a lot of panic, but we see that fear has big eyes".

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