Offensive on Kharkiv, shortage of air defense systems, Peace Summit: key statements by Zelenskyy from AFP

Offensive on Kharkiv, shortage of air defense systems, Peace Summit: key statements by Zelenskyy from AFP

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy / Photo: Офіс президента України

The President answered the main questions from journalists.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy gave an interview to AFP. has compiled the main statements of the President of Ukraine.

Offensive on Kharkiv Zelenskyy believes that it will be difficult for the occupiers to seize Kharkiv.

"We must be realistic and understand that they are advancing deeper into our territory, not the other way around. And that is still their advantage," he said, adding that he does not consider this a significant success for Russia. Weapons for Ukraine Zelenskyy explained to journalists that the Ukrainian Armed Forces need two things: permission to use Western weapons to strike Russian territory and more air defense systems.

"The biggest advantage for Moscow is the ban imposed by the West on using the weapons provided to Kyiv for strikes against Russia," AFP quotes Zelenskyy.

Ukraine lacks air defense systems Ukraine's needs for air defense systems are only covered by about a quarter. Zelenskyy emphasizes that Russia can attack our territory with any weapon, as Ukraine has only "about 25 percent of what we need" to protect the country in terms of air defense.

"This is the greatest advantage that Russia has. We cannot do anything to their systems located on Russian territory using Western weapons," Zelenskyy stressed. Truce during the 2024 Olympic Games Zelenskyy explaines that Ukraine is not opposed to peace and ending the war. However, a truce would benefit Russia, according to the President. He also clarified the difference between the positions of Ukrainians and their Western partners: it’s about values and perspectives.

"Ukraine and its allies share the same values, but they have different perspectives, particularly on the conflict and the truce. A truce benefits the enemy, which is why we oppose it. And it’s clear why - I simply don't want it because they are taking more of our territory," he said.

Peace Summit in Switzerland Zelenskyy explained that Ukraine would like to see China and developing countries at the Peace Summit. However, Russia has not been invited, the head of state stated.

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