Peace Summit in Switzerland: media reveals possible draft communiqué

Peace Summit in Switzerland: media reveals possible draft communiqué

A Global Peace Summit will be held in Switzerland / Photo: / Photo:

The Peace Summit in Switzerland will take place on June 15-16.

The conclusions of the Peace Summit, which will be held on June 15-16 in Switzerland, may state that future peace negotiations should involve "representatives of all parties" following agreements on nuclear security, food security, the return of prisoners of war and kidnapped children. This specifically refers to the aggressor country, Russia.

This information is contained in a draft communiqué of the Summit, which is at the disposal of "Radio Svoboda".

However, the document is not final, and its text may be modified before approval.

"We believe that achieving peace requires the participation and dialogue of all parties. Therefore, we have decided to take concrete steps in the aforementioned areas with further involvement of representatives of all parties. The Charter of the United Nations, particularly the principles of respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all states, can and will serve as the foundation for achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine," the draft text states.

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