Putin Wants to Redeploy Its Troops in Belarus to Attack Volyn and Kyiv: Expert Explains When Ukraine May Expect these Unwanted “Guests”

Putin Wants to Redeploy Its Troops in Belarus to Attack Volyn and Kyiv: Expert Explains When Ukraine May Expect these Unwanted “Guests”

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Belarus is getting ready to receive large numbers of Russian personnel and military equipment. The likely reason is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plans to attack two core logistics zones in Ukraine, which are Volyn and Kyiv

Kyrylo Sazonov, a journalist, political expert and volunteer of the Armed Forced of Ukraine, spoke about this possibility in his recent video posted online.

"It’s not good news. After Lukashenko's meeting with Putin, which wasn’t followed by any significant public statements, Belarus has started a very serious modernization of its entire railway infrastructure, including lifting unloading platforms, shunting engines, access roads – the whole logistic network of major railway hubs – and reconstruction of Zyabrovka airfield", the journalist reported.

He explained that Belarus was clearly going to receive large numbers of personnel and military equipment.

"All the contracts are awarded to Russian companies, i.e. not Belarusians. All contracts are for two months, i.e. October, November. In two months all reconstruction works should be finished," Sazonov added.

"This indicates that Putin is going to redeploy a large number of personnel in Belarus and potentially attack two Ukrainian logistic lifelines. This is may be Volyn Region with the purpose to cut off the routes for Western weapon supply or Kyiv, which is his idea-fix and the only way to get Ukraine back to the negotiations table", he noted.

According to him, Ukrainian intelligence also has some information about the food rations for so-called Russia tour-of-duty personnel to be deployed in Belarus.

"So, they initially planned to supply food rations for 36 thousand people, then increased this number to 38 thousand, and finally to 41 thousand. Now according to the available information, Belarus is ready to supply food rations for a contingent of 170 thousand foreign military personnel”, Sazonov said.

It is clear that by winter season they will have finished reconstruction of the railway infrastructure and airports in Belarus, the expert believes.

"In winter, when the swamps freeze and become passable for heave vehicles, we may expect some “unwanted guests”. The General Staff of Ukraine is perfectly aware of this possibility and is ready to “welcome” them”, he summarized.

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