"Reacting was impossible": What is known about Russia's bloody missile strike on Odesa and the condition of the victims

"Reacting was impossible": What is known about Russia's bloody missile strike on Odesa and the condition of the victims

The aftermath of the shelling of Odesa

The occupiers cynically attacked Odesa with missiles in order to kill as many people as possible.

Six victims of the missile attack on Odesa are in serious condition. Doctors are fighting for their lives. A four-year-old girl is among them is. The city is recovering from the attack on the resort area, which claimed the lives of five people on April 29.

The affected area was extensive. The Palace of Students of the Odesa Law Academy, known to Odessans as the "Harry Potter Castle," caught fire. 600 square meters were ablaze, with the attic floor completely burned. Over three dozen people were injured.

This is stated in the story of TSN correspondent Olena Chernyaeva.

Eyewitnesses spoke about the bloody attack on Odesa

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Andriy Kostin published footage of cluster munitions exploding over the Odesa resort area.

Metal fragments and missile debris scattered across the area within a radius of 1.5 km from the shelling site. These images vividly illustrate the extent of the impact zone. People were injured both near the sea and on the slopes. One photograph, in particular, became a symbol of the tragedy: a wounded girl, crying over her Labrador retriever, killed by the missile debris.

There was no time to hide, says Anastasia, who received shrapnel wounds to her stomach and arm. She is from Sumy. She came to Odesa to visit her relatives. She walked along the coast with her husband and six-month-old baby.

Attack on Odesa
The moment of hitting Odesa

"It was impossible to react, the only thing I managed to do was fasten the dog on the leash and cover the baby. That was the most important thing. We fell downю My husband broke his leg. Thank God, the baby is okay," says Anastasia.

A girl is crying over a killed dog

The occupiers wanted to kill as many people as possible in Odesa

Shrapnel was found at the site of the strikes. According to the military, it was used so that there would be as many casualties, as possible among civilians.

Dmytro Pletenchuk

"There are no military objects in this location. Holes from shrapnel are visible on the walls around the affected object. Most likely, it is ammunition intended for destroying live force. It is designed for combat actions, not for strikes on civilian infrastructure and peaceful residents," Head of the Center for Strategic Communications of the Southern Defense Forces, Dmytro Pletenchuk says.

What is known about the victims and the killed 

The strike hit the resort area — with a beach, parks, hotels and restaurants. The explosion ignited the Palace of Students of the Odesa Law Academy, known among Odessans as the "Harry Potter Castle".

According to unofficial information, former people’s deputy Serhiy Kivalov lived there. He was also taken away by the ambulance. The four-story building suffered significant damage from the fire — the attic floor burned completely. Access was difficult due to the fact that this part of the coast was built up with violations.

"The difficulty lies in the access routes. The fire trucks are large and it's very difficult to get in specifically for extinguishing the fire," says Marina Averina, Spokesperson for the State Emergency Service in the Odesa region.

The occupiers shelled the "Harry Potter Castle" in Odesa

Five people were killed. One of them is Borys Vasiliev, the vice-rector of the International Humanitarian University. Another six are in critical condition. Doctors are fighting for their lives. Among the most severe cases is a four-year-old girl. In total, 32 people were injured, with 17 currently hospitalized.

"Four are in extremely critical condition, three with complex orthopedic injuries and three with vascular and neurosurgical injuries, shrapnel injuries to the skull," says Denys Sebov, Director of the Odesa City Hospital.

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