Russia has amassed powerful forces: Deepstate on the occupiers' offensive and their new goal

Russia has amassed powerful forces: Deepstate on the occupiers' offensive and their new goal

Russian tank / Photo: Associated Press

The Russian occupying army has built up a strong force to advance on Borova in Kharkiv region. Russia has deployed up to ten thousand personnel and 20 artillery systems from Raigorodka to Novovodyane.

This information comes from analysts of the Deepstate project.

"The goal is clear - an attempt to repeat last year's offensive on Borova," the analysts emphasized.

They note that the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade is holding the defensive line in this sector. However, Deepstate highlights that "the forces remain disproportionate, with the occupiers outnumbering and using additional units to conduct intensive assault operations along the entire front line."

The experts report that the occupiers have deployed the 20th Army, including the 3rd and 144th Divisions, represented by the 236th Artillery Brigade and 11 regiments. Additionally, they have involved the BARS-14 unit and mercenaries from irregular army units.

"For the past three weeks, the enemy has been conducting preparatory activities to find weak spots in the Ukrainian Armed Forces' defense. There have been continuous assaults on the positions of the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade. The enemy is losing personnel, but every week, 200 to 400 freshly mobilized Russians arrive. This is enough to replenish and reinforce the grouping. So far, the tactics of "meat assaults" have not yielded significant results only due to the fact that there is a strong brigade in the area. But we emphasize that the forces are far from equal," the message says.

Russia is preparing an offensive on Borova in Kharkiv region. DeepState ma

According to Deepstate, the occupying forces plan to repeat last year's strategy, "aiming first to reach the line of Nadiya-Novoheorhivka and then move towards Pershotravneve-Cherneshchyna."

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