Russia Invaders Abduct Forrest Managers in Kherson Region

Russia Invaders Abduct Forrest Managers in Kherson Region

Photo: Associated Press

Russian invaders continue to terrorize local population in seized parts of Kherson Region.

Recently, the invaders have kidnapped several forest rangers, local media outlet New Day reports.

"The first victim was Leonid Yanchyshyn – a ranger of Volyzhyn Lis area in the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve, who had been taking care after Hileia Forrest or Herodot Grove. Now, the invaders have also kidnapped his colleague – the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve ranger Olrksandr Lykov. He has never served in the military during the Anti-Terrorist Operation or the Joint Force Operation and has been never involved in any public activities. His duties was to guard the Kruhlyi island near the Kinburn Spit inhibited by the only large colony of arctic eider duck in the Black Sea", the message reads.

The local assume that the invaders kidnap the forest rangers in order to freely pillage the natural resources of Kherson Region.

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