“Russia Violates the Rules of the World": Zelenskyi’s Speech at the UN Security Council (Transcript of Speech)

“Russia Violates the Rules of the World": Zelenskyi’s Speech at the UN Security Council (Transcript of Speech)

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Zelenskyi urged the global community to act in order to punish the aggressor state.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi addressed the UN Security Council regarding sham referendums held by Russian in the seized parts of Ukraine.

"The UN Security Council is an institution that works according to well-known and clearly defined rules and regulations, and so far, even the Russian representatives have adhered to these rules.

They haven’t yet used weapons instead of words in this room and haven’t yet knocked out a seat from their neighbors in the Council. However, surely no one will be surprised if this UN Security Council chamber is turned into a zone of violence by Russia's representatives", the President said.

Zelenskyi stressed that Russia violated the rules of the world and despised the UN Charter.

"So it is only a matter of time before it destroys this last international institution that can still act.

I urge you to act now. Anyone in the world can now name hundreds of examples of how Russia violates the international legal order and destroys the body of international law. It constantly provokes escalation and constantly responds to any proposals for talks with new brutality on the battlefield, even greater crises and threats to Ukraine and the world. And these are obvious things", he emphasized.

The President listed five ongiong events that clearly indicate destructive nature of Russia‘s actions.

  • 1. Russia ignores the IAEA's call for the immediate de-occupation of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant and termination of any hostilities at Ukrainian nuclear facilities

This fact once again illustrates that Russia conceously puts the world at risk of the nuclear disaster, Zelenskyi believes.

  •  2. Nuclear blackmail.

The President drew the world's attention to the fact that threats to use nuclear weapons had become a constant narrative of Russian officials and propagandists.

"This proves that Russia has no right to possess nuclear weapons because it is incapable, simply incapable of guaranteeing the safety of the world even from threats of the use of nuclear weapons," he stressed.

  • 3. Russian responded to Ukrainian peace formula with announcement of mobilization

"Moreover, Russia consciously focuses its mobilization on the indigenous peoples living in the Russia-controlled territories. It is not only the territories of the Caucasus or Siberia, where everything is done to mobilize more men of indigenous peoples. This is also Crimea, the Ukrainian Crimea, which Russia seized in 2014", Zelenskyi noted.

The President accused the Russian Federation of an openly genocidal policy against the Crimean Tatars. After all, they received the most Russian draft summonses in proportion to the total number of mobilized recruits.

  • 4. Open farce involving “referendums” in temporarily seized parts of Ukraine.

"At gunpoint, people were forced to fill out some paperwork for a TV picture. The results of the sham referendum had been known well in advance. They also issued Russian passports to the residents of seized territories in advance. Why did they do it? The answer is in the next paragraph", - the President said.

  • 5.  Annexation of seized territories

According to Zelenskyi, the grossest violation of the UN Charter was an attempt to steal another state's territory and erase the norms of international law.

"It is a very cynical attempt to recruit people in the seized parts of Ukraine into the Russian army to force them to fight against their own homeland," he added.

Zelenskyi listed the following steps to stop it:

  • 1. Total isolation of Russia.

" A state that is implementing a policy of genocide right now, keeping the world one step away from a radiation disaster, and at the same time threatening nuclear strikes cannot remain a permanent member of the UN Security Council with veto power", the President of Ukraine stressed

According to him, Russia must be excluded from all international organizations. If such exclusion is complicated by the procedure, its participation must be suspended.

  • 2. New tough and global sanctions against Russia.

"Any annexations in the modern world are a crime against all states at the same time, which consider the inviolability of borders vital to them," he explained.

  • 3. Ukraine must receive all the necessary defense and financial aid.
  • 4. Ukraine must receive clear and legally building collective security guarantees

"Because it is our state's independence that is so fundamental to so many elements of global security, the world also needs an appropriate security architecture.

Finally, fifth and the most important point. I want everyone to understand this.

Russia's recognition of these sham referendums as if they were normal, the implementation of the so-called Crimean scenario and yet another attempt to annex Ukrainian territory will mean that there is nothing to talk about with this Russian president. Annexation is the kind of move that puts him alone against all humanity.

This is the kind of clear message that every nation in the world needs to send right now. I believe in your ability to act!", Volodymyr Zelenskyi summarized.

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