"They Made Mess Everywhere They Lived, Even in the Church”: Shocking Story by Ukrainian Soldier about Liberation of Bohorodychne from Russian Invaders

"They Made Mess Everywhere They Lived, Even in the Church”: Shocking Story by Ukrainian Soldier about Liberation of Bohorodychne from Russian Invaders

Олексій Кашпоровський

During the counteroffensive operation, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have liberated Bohorodychne village in Donetsk Region.

What invaders left behind after fleeing the village shocked even the enduring Ukrainian defenders.

A military reporter Oleksii Kashporovskyi, a military reporter from Kyiv, who now fights in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, described what he witnessed after entering the village. A seasoned and tempered journalist, who has seen almost everything during his long carrier, was overwhelmed by the routine of Russian soldiers and what they left behind after fleeing.

Bohorodychne, Kramatorsk District, Donetsk Region, was liberated on September 11th by Ukrainian paratroopers from 81st Independent Airmobile Brigade.

"The Russians fled so fast that the forgot even a saucepan with half-cooked noodles on the stove. Not to mention tons of weapon and ammunitions. And sh*t. Piles of sh*t. They made a mess everywhere they lived — at the school, where the were headquartered, in the residential houses, even in the church of a local abbey. They made a cesspool right behind the alter. In the village itself, which was the battlefield for violent combat engagements, our guys discovered the bodies of our soldiers with  their shoes removed and their heads missing. Ans around ten bodies of murdered civilians”, the journalist described.

According to him, after seizure by Russian troops almost all residents have left the village except for 60-ear od Mykola and his 93-year-old mother Nina lllinichna. Some residents were murdered by Russian troops, some were killed by enemy shells.

Олексій Кашпоровський

Since all houses in the village have been destroyed, mother and son are now living in a small shed. Everything left from farm is two gooses – the rest was taken away by the invaders.

The family offered Ukrainian military to slay one goose and give a funeral repast to Vasia - Nina lllinichna’s older son. He and his wife were shot down by Russians. Mykola buried them both on the hill behind the cottage.

"I’m a feather-brain, and he’d always been smart. He had two university degrees!", Mykola speaks about his brother. Then he calls us soldiers to go somewhere towards the ruins: "Common, let’s go here, I’ll give you grenades, I’ve disarmed them!". "Do you disarm trip wires yourself?", we asked surprised by his recklessness. “I’ve installed them myself against these mother*ckers! They murdered my brother!", Mykola says in a trembling voice. "I am a patriot, you see? This is my land here! And these mother*ckers came here and shot my brother... If not for my bedridden mother, I would go after them with a grenade…”, Oleksii Kashporovskyi retells his conversation with the man.

The invaders were stationed at the half-ruined abbacy, where they stored ammunition. The church was hit by a Russian aircraft bomb. Before fleeing, the invaders set their stash on fire, but it didn’t explode, so Ukrainian paratroopers now have many trophies, which can be successfully used for liberation of Ukraine.

Олексій Кашпоровський

"The Russian soldiers stole icons from the church and sh*t all over everything within their reach. They made an improvised toilet just behind the altar. The similar mess is at the school, where the Russian units were stationed. Remains of food, pornographic images, abandoned ammunitions and guns — this place more looks like a hobo camp. In the corner, the soldiers of the "world’s second firepower“ made a kind of “love bed” – several matrasses on the floor, a hand cream and Russian pornographic magazines. I thought they stopped to print this staff twenty years ago. Ukrainian soldiers in the yards are feeding local stray cats with canned food from Russian army rations. The cats purr in satisfaction and rub against soldiers’ legs. They are happy that Bohorodychne will be once again filled with people. Real people”, the journalist adds.

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