“This Is Our Course of Diplomacy” – Zelenskyi  

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“This Is Our Course of Diplomacy” – Zelenskyi  

Photo: Офіс президента України

The President of Ukraine emphasized that thanks to the consistent policy, Ukraine would take its place in the European alliances and unions.

On May 21st, during his interview for ICTV Facts, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, the President of Ukraine, emphasized that Ukraine’s course of diplomacy was to take its place among equals. 

"This is our course of diplomacy — Ukraineʼs place among equals, and only then — in the European Union or in defense alliances, or other alliance, or among the guarantors of security. These are something different. I mean, these will be the results of this consistent policy. Despite the war, I see this consistent policy, and we already follow this path”, the President emphasized.

Volodymyr Zelenskyi also shared his reaction to the title of the most influential man of the year and winning 2022 TIME100 Reader Poll.
“And today, even this title of the most influential man of the year (in 2022 TIME100 Reader Poll – ed.) is also attributed not to me, but to this policy. These are our people. All Ukrainian people are the most influential men and women of the year. We deserved this title through our unity. Any awards, decorations, honors, names of streets and squares are attributed not to me, but rather to all those people who are defending our country, for everyone who are doing their jobs. Those who stay in Ukraine and those who fight for Ukraine. This is very important aspect”, he explained.

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