U.S. identifies country supporting Russia’s war machine

U.S. identifies country supporting Russia’s war machine

U.S. Flag / Photo: Associated Press

Specifically, it concerns the supply of microelectronics to Russia.

Chinese companies continue to supply products to Russia to enhance its military capabilities, particularly microelectronics.

This was stated by White House Advisor John Kirby, as reported by "Ukrinform."

"They (the Chinese side - Ed.) continue to supply components for military equipment and weapon systems (to the Russian Federation - Ed.)," the representative of the US presidential administration emphasized.

This concerns the supply of microelectronics. The White House says that, in this way, Beijing helps to sustain Russia’s defense-industrial base. Kirby says that Washington has expressed its concerns to China. According to him, limiting Russia's ability to produce weapons remains one of the main issues the U.S. is working on.

"We have done a lot to hold Putin accountable. This means that some Chinese companies have been sanctioned for the support they provide to the Russian defense-industrial base," Kirby explained.

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