Ukraine needs two things to break the war and speed up the victory: an expert said what they are

Ukraine needs two things to break the war and speed up the victory: an expert said what they are

Military expert Petro Chernyk / Photo: screenshot from the video / Photo: скриншот з відео

Petro Chernyk told which weapons could change the course of the war in favor of Ukraine.

Russia has five times more living resources. However, even in war, the key role is played not by quantity, but by quality. Countries that had significantly fewer soldiers, equipment and weapons, than the enemy, won many times in wars. Despite the significant superiority of the enemy in numbers, Ukraine will be able to win the war.

This opinion was expressed by military expert Petro Chernyk in a commentary on "24 Channel". He explained what our country needs to defeat the enemy.

"Ukraine needs two things to break the war and speed up the victory. Highly skilled motivation - we have motivation, our skill is growing. And as many high-quality weapons as possible. There are such cases in history, nothing new. If you want to know how it will be, study how it was ", said the military expert.

What will help turn the tide of the war

During the Six Day War in Israel in 1967, a dozen and a half Arab coalition countries outnumbered the Israelis in almost every aspect. 

Israel had 100,000 troops while the Arab coalition had half a million. Israel had around 300 aircraft and 500 tanks, whereas the Arab coalition countries had over 900 aircraft and 2,800 tanks.

However, Israel managed to achieve what seemed almost impossible – a complete victory over the enemy. Israel was able to do this through highly effective organization and very high-quality weaponry.

Napoleon also defeated the colossal forces of the allies in the Battle of Austerlitz in 1834. Alexander I fled and couldn't understand how it could happen. There are two military commanders who never lost a single battle – Alexander the Great and our Ukrainian, Ivan Sirko. Two absolute champions in world history.

"It is possible to defeat Russia. I do not belong to those analysts who believe that the allies gave us nothing. Quite the opposite. They gave us as much as we could have dreamed of. But now the question is acute: how to turn the tide of the war," Chernyk noted.

The expert expressed hope that Ukraine will be able to turn the tide of the war with the help of aviation, particularly the F-16. Additionally, the type of weaponry that will be equipped on these fighters is crucial. Chernyk emphasized that long-range missiles with a heavy warhead are desperately needed by the Ukrainian military.

"Ballistic missiles, such as ATACMS, Storm Shadow, SCALP, Taurus, are very good, but they do not turn the tide of the war. What will turn it is ballistic missiles and aviation," the military expert concluded.

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