Zelenskyy responds to last night's intense shelling of Ukraine

Zelenskyy responds to last night's intense shelling of Ukraine

The State Emergency Service is extinguishing fire in Kyiv region, caused by falling debris of enemy aerial targets. / Photo: State Emergency Service of Ukraine on Telegram / Photo: ДСНС України у Telegram

Russia attacked with both drones and missiles

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has responded to the intense combined night attack by the Russian occupying army on Ukraine.

This was reported on his Telegram channel.

"The occupiers tried to deliver a combined strike on our country, launching missiles and drones. Our sky defenders worked effectively. Five enemy missiles and over 20 UAVs were shot down," the head of state declared.

Zelenskyy emphasized the excellent work of Ukrainian defenders. According to him, this is possible "if we have a sufficient number of tools to repel terrorist attacks." The President also thanked the partners "who understand this and work with us to strengthen resilience in this daily fight for life."

"Thank you to everyone who protects our sky: the warriors of the mobile fire groups, our Air Force of Ukraine, and all air defense units," Zelenskyy added.

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