Известная биатлонистка призналась, что она лесбиянка

Известная биатлонистка призналась, что она лесбиянка

Канадка больше не хочет скрывать то, чем гордится.

Канадская биатлонистка Меган Бэнкс призналась в нетрадиционной сексуальной ориентации. Об этом 23-летняя спортсменка сообщила в своем Instagram.

Меган подчеркнула, что больше не скрывать то, чем она гордится. Также канадка считает, что разнообразие сексуальных предпочтений людей общество должно воспринимать как благо.

"У меня большие планы в биатлоне. Кроме того, я хочу показать молодым спортсменам, они могут быть тем, кем хотят, не боясь дискриминации", - добавила Бэнкс.


Hey Folks, For a while I have been hiding a part of who I am, and I no longer want to use that physical and emotional energy to conceal something that I am proud of. So here goes: I’m gay. So why am I choosing to announce that I’m gay? What’s the big deal? Why come out on social media? Because I think representation across the board in sports, arts, politics, and every other area matters. I know that we don’t live in a society that both accepts and celebrates all marginalized communities… yet. My hope is that through continuing to acknowledge diversity as a benefit and not a detriment, everyone can choose to live as themselves, be treated with kindness, and recognize that every individual can make an impact. l have big dreams as a biathlete, and would like to do everything I can to be able to train and compete at my best. A necessary part of that is taking care of myself and living as authentically as possible. I don’t like to take up space, but I want to use the privilege that I have as a high performance athlete, development coach, and role model to do my part to show younger athletes that they can be whomever they are, or want to be, without discrimination. I owe a lot to all the folks (in particular the high performance athletes) that have come out before me, and I think it is important to recognize that they have all broken down some barriers and started conversations. Without these leaders, my decision to come out publicly and my journey thus far would have undoubtedly been more challenging. Finally, I would like to recognize all of the support I have received as I have started to invite people in to who I truly am. I have been given so much kindness and encouragement from my friends, family, teammates and staff within my community. It has really meant a lot to me to know that I am loved for who I am, so thank you folks! Photos: @davehollandpics & @emdickson23 #stillmegan #justmoremegan #calgarypride #lgbtqia2splus ️‍

Допис, поширений Megan Bankes (@megan.bankes)

Бэнкс - чемпионка мира среди юниоров. Также спортсменка становилась призером на этапе Кубка IBU.

Как сообщал ТСН Проспорт, футболист АПЛ признался в нетрадиционной сексуальной ориентации.

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